Financing Enterprises (Chinese language event) 企业金融交流会 Date Changed

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CIB Building 兴业大厦
Beijing 北京, China
Thursday, Apr 30th (2 PM - 4 PM)
No. 20 Chaoyangmen North Street
FBCB is an organization consisting of companies and organizations having interest in promoting collaboration between Finnish companies in areas of trade and industry related issues within the People’s Republic of China. FBCB operates as an expert forum working in collaboration with Finnish governmental organizations facilitating Finnish business in China. FBCB was established in the 1990s and ever since it has provided a useful network of contact points for both newcomers and those who have been doing business longer in the region. We organize events and other networking opportunities actively for our members and serve as a contact point among Finnish business. FBCB also participates in broader level cooperation providing local business insight for state-level collaboration conducted by Finnish governmental organizations.